12 Political Parties in Samarinda Receive Rp988 Million, Must be Accountable

5 December 2013

12 political parties in Samarinda in 2013 received aid of Rp98 million from the government, based on information from Ridwan Tassa, assistant of social community secretariat at Samarinda City Government.

Tassa said every year, there are regulatory changes that political parties and the government should pay attention to, especially those that are related to steps that must be taken before aid is given.

Home Affairs Ministry’s financial expert staff Purwoto said political parties are obligated to submit reports on what the aid is spent on for accountability.

As public bodies, political parties must be transparent and accountable as they operate using public money. “Political parties must have cash books so that at the end of the year, any spending and income can be seen,” said Murwoto.

The classic problem is that political parties tend to be reluctant to submit financial reports as they think their funds cannot be compared with the funds managed by the government. However, it is not about the amount of funds. It is about how political parties are being transparent and accountable in using the public money as it is regulated in political parties law and public information openness law.



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