32 Information Disputes in East Java Unprocessed

24 July 2013

32 cases of information disputes so far this year still remain unprocessed in East Java Information Commission (KI) due to structural changes in Information Commission Regulation No. 1/2013 about Public Information Dispute Resolution Procedure.

According to East Java KI commissioner Daan Rahmad Tanod, the regulation has a clause that states information dispute case must be registered by a clerk who is, in this case, is the East Java KI secretary.

“However, no secretary has been appointed,” said Daan on Tuesday (23/7/2013).

Before the regulation is officially implemented, all information disputes can be solved because Information Commission Regulation No. 2/2010 that only appoints commissioner as clerk is still in place.

“Next month, we will try to use our discretion for the new regulation so that all cases can be resolved fast,” said he said.

Most of the 32 cases involve NGOs fighting against government and non-government agencies.

The non-government agencies are political parties that consist of Golkar, Hanura, PAN, Democratic Party and PKB. “Most requesters demand budget transparency,” he said.

Source: Kompas.com


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