Batam State Court Violates Supreme Court Regulation

7 November 2013

Further hearing on Putra Batam University against Nampat Silangit is getting more bizarre as the Batam State Court Judges Council led by Merrywati is deviating from Supreme Court Regulation No. 2/2011.

The trial, held on Thursday (7/11/2013), was opened by presenting evidence from defendant and plaintiff. The evidence of decision from the Information Commission (KI) was rejected by the judges because it was not the original one. “It was rejected even though it is the same as the original one and was signed,” said Nampat Silangit.

The Supreme Court Regulation No. 2/2011 stipulates that Batam State Court Secretariat is the one that request proof of letter to the KI Secretariat. “Because this is an appeal, the decision from KI should’ve been verified. This is unfair and deviates from the Supreme Court regulation,” said Silangit.

In the previous trial, Silangit said the Batam State Court ignored the Supreme Court Regulation No. 2/2011 about Procedure to Solve Public Information Dispute in Court. The regulation states that hearing on public information should only involve KI’s decision, case files and answers for written objections from all parties. Article 2 also stresses that hearing is carried out without mediation,” said Silangit.

However, what happened during the trial violated the regulation because all parties were given time to conduct mediation.

“It means that the judges have violated the Supreme Court regulation,” said Nampat Silangit.

Silangit was shocked why the judges did not know about the regulation. “It’s 2013. The should’ve known about the regulation,” said Silangit.

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