Central Kalimantan KI Works with PWI to Promote Public Information Openness

In order to improve public information openness, the Central Kalimantan Information Commission has begun working with the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI). The cooperation started with the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Batu Suli Internasional Hotel on Wednesday (9/10).

The event was attended by students, government agencies, PWI and NGOs. As a new institution, Central Kalimantan CV faces various problems, especially those that are related bureaucracy and public bodies that tend to be not transparent.

Central Kalimantan PWI chairman Sutransyah said the MoU between KI and PWI sent positive signal for electronic and printed media. He hoped the cooperation could promote transparent information for the public.

Central Kalimantan KI chairman Satriadi said he wanted to build strong cooperation between public bodies, media and society so that people’s right to information could be fulfilled.

“This MoU also serves to support Law No. 14/2008 about public information openness and Law No. 40/1999 on how to promote public information openness in Central Kalimantan,” said Satriadi.


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