East Kalimantan Information Commission Urges Public Bodies to Utilize Websites

21 July 2013

East Kalimantan Information (KI) chairman Jaidun urged all public bodies in East Kalimantan to implement public information openness by utilizing their respective official website.

“The problem is many websites are still not in accordance with the public information openness law (UU KIP). Much information is still not published, such as the finance. Only a few public bodies that update information on their budget,” said Jaidun.

Therefore, he asked for support from C omission I members of East Kalimantan DPRD and the East Kalimantan Government to remind their agencies to utilize their website. They should at least update any activities related to their agencies on their website.

“I hope every citizen knows every activity that uses the state budget so that people can oversee the use of state budget.

Jakarta Information Commission Selection Committee chairman Danardono Siradjudin said website is one of the ways to publish information from public bodies. He added that good website should provide information on which types of information public bodies can provide, online services to request information and which number people can contact to ask about information request.

Danar further explained that website is the reflection of public bodies. “If the website is good, then the public body who manages that website should also be in a good condition,” said Danar.

Taken from kaltimprov.go.id


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