East Kalimantan PWI Calls for Transparency

1 April 2015

“This is a warning for working units (SKPD) and institutions that are still not transparent in this era of public information openness. Those who are ‘stingy’ in giving information will be subjected to one-year imprisonment.”

The above statement was conveyed during a press conference with South Kalimantan Governor about public information openness in South Kalimantan at East Kalimantan Chapter of the Indonesian Journalist Association (PWI) building.

East Kalimantan PWI chairman Fathurahman said public information openness is important and people’s awareness towards information openness must be increased.

East Kalimantan Information Commission chairman Samsul Rani said the East Kalimantan Information Commission was established in 2014.

“Refusing to provide information will get you jailed for one year. If there is nothing wrong with your institution, then you shouldn’t be afraid to provide information,” he said.

Source: tribunnews.com


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