KPU Improves Election Information Services

2 July 2013

The General Elections Commission (KPU) is improving their information services for the 2014 general elections so that people’s participation in all elections process may increase.

KPU chairman Husni Kamil Manik said that KPU opened access to information as wide as possible to the public about process of elections.

“One of our breakthroughs is providing information about biographies of legislative candidates. That information is important for voters in making their decisions,” said Husni.

He further said that in order to improve quality of information services, KPU is also developing their website so that it be integrated to all websites of regional KPU.

In providing information about list of voters, KPU is attempting to procure data storage with large capacity that can store 190 millions of voters’ data.

Voters will be able to use this service to check whether they are registered as voters or not.

Husni added that in order to accelerate vote counting, KPU aims to have finished deliviering all vote counting certificates (CI) to regional KPU in 24 hours.

While waiting for manual counting conducted by the Polling Station Working Committee (KPPS) and recapitulation conducted by Polling Committees (PPS) and District Polling Committees (PPK), committees at cities can already input CI data.

“We choose cities as basis for data entry because they have larger space and the public can directly see the data entry,” said Husni.

Husni said that KPU only provides information related to 2014 elections. The media will handle information related to election participants.


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