Mataram Scores Best in Information Openness

3 October 2013

The Indonesia Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA) has placed Mataram as the region with the highest rate of information openness compared to several provinces and regencies that were surveyed.

West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)) FITRA secretary general Ervyn Kaffah said in a discussion in Mataram that FITRA conducted survey in four provinces (NTB, East Java, Riau and Kalimantan) and eight regencies and cities (Mataram, Samarinda, Pekanbaru, Blitar, North Lombok Regency, Bondowoso, Indragiri and Kutai Kertanegara).

Ervyn said Mataram scored 51, which is the highest compared to other surveyed regions. Indicators in the survey include availability of budget documents, provincial budget process and budget monitoring process.

FITRA NTB Research Division coordinator Madiana said NTB has the highest score with 36 compared to other provinces.

However, Madiana noted that Mataram’s score was bizarre as Mataram has no Information and Documentation Management Official (PPID) while NTB has 45 PPID in every government agency. “Mataram must focus on establishing their own PPID this year,” said Madiana.

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