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Melung Village Chief Khoeruddin on Implementing Transparency

24 October 2013 Melung Village is a village at Selatan Gunung Slamet in Kedungbantengg district, Banyuas Regencyy, Central Java. Besides striving to become a tourism and educational village, this village is also making efforts to build accountability principles by implementing local wisdom and public information openness law. On June 2013, Melung Village elected Khoeruddin as the village chief. The 41-year-old …

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Information Openness Results in Singorojo Farmers Victory Over Their Land

1 August 2013 Singorojo Hamlet can be reached in more than three hours by motor vehicle from downtown Kendal, Central Java. Administratively, Singorojo Hamlet is in Limbangan District, Kendal Regency. This hamlet is very secluded and isolated because it is surrounded by thousand hectares of land owned by state and private companies based on cultivation rights (HGU) issued by the …

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