Absensi Anggota DPR adalah Informasi Publik Yang Dikelola Fraksi

The absences of parliamentary members is public information that open and are in responsibility by fraction on parliament, thus said the vice chairman of PPID DPR RI, Suratno, on discussion that held by Indonesian Parliamentary  Center (IPC), at DPR RI, yesterday (January 16th).

It has submitted by Suratno associated with so many information request by Non Government Organization to PPID DPR RI on absences of Parliament members. He thinks, so far there is similarity perspective between PPID with fractions at Parliament. “Not all the fraction have deal that the absences as public information. So, PPID cannot give that, if the fraction states itself as closed information”, he asserted.

He wishes there are roles from Central Information Commission (KI Pusat) to build understanding between fraction, fittings council, and general secretariat of DPR RI about Public Information Openness Laws, so that can be built a managerial system and information services better.

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