52 Persen Masyarakat Kurang Informasi Mengenai Tahapan Pemilu

Coordinator of the People’s Voter Education Network (JPPR) M. Afifuddin stated, based on research, 52 percent of people still feel less of information about the step of election. Until now, people know the election process from the television, figures and close relatives.

“People are not utilizing social media to search information”, said Afif at Bakoel Coffee, Cikini, Central Jakarta, on Sunday (March 2nd).

In fact, Afif added, when the election at Jakarta Provincial, social media were very active on monitoring the electoral process. “If national, it will not seem. However, if the upper and middle class using it, it will be terrible”, he said.

In addition, Afif assessed that people actually can monitor the elections process. Although at this time, public participation on monitoring the electoral process was still low.

In fact, that control is also related to people will to use his rights. “In order for people to use their voting rights up to 90 percent. We have to maintain public optimism to give their choice to vote”, said Afif.

Source: merdeka.com

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