11 December 2013

Transparency and accountability in the use of School Operational Assistance (BOS) funds is very low even though the program has been implemented for five years. The use of the funds should involve parents of students from planning to reporting.

According to World Bank’s research, most parents have heard of the program, but only a few parents know more detailed information about the program, especially about the use of the funds.

The research was conducted on 3,600 parents from 720 schools in several regions in Indonesia. The result shows that 71.6 percent of parents don’t know about BOS reports and 92.65 percent have never seen school’s announcement board about BOS. Besides that, 89.58 percent of parents didn’t participate in BOS planning and provide recommendation or suggestion to the school’s principal.

Ade Irawan from the Education Coalition said that the drafting of schools’ budget and expenditure, including the use of BOS, is still top-bottom which is why transparency and accountability are almost non-existent.

According to Ade, the use of BOS funds in schools also reflects the condition of educational condition that is still top-down. Moreover, the government confidently claimed to be able to provide basic education for free with BOS. However, the reality is that schools are struggling because BOS is not enough to provide ideal education.

Source: http://edukasi.kompas.com/read/2010/08/11/09530331/Transparansi.Dana.BOS.Rendah