13 June 2014

Jakarta – Central Information Commission (KI) chairman Abdulhaid Dipopramono spoke about preventing corruption through information openness in public budget management in Indonesia during the 4th Anti-Corruption at Double Tree Hotel, Jakarta, on Thursday (12/6/2014).

The forum was held by UNODC, Bappenas, KPK, ICW and Transparency International (TI) and has been held since 2010 annually as an effort to encourage involvement of all national components in preventing and eradicating corruption.

Abdulhamid explained that a corrupt government is the one that is not open and transparent. There are many cases of corruption in ministries and local governments that have low information openness.

He further said that information openness is an effort to prevent corruption because if public bodies are open, public officials will find it difficult to manipulate budget and commit other various acts of corruption.

Indonesia needs to improve its efforts in preventing and eradicating corruption as corruption eradication in Indonesia has been stagnant in the past two years.

The Indonesian government’s commitment to prevent corruption together with other countries is reinforced with the ratification of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) through Law No. 7/2006.

The Anti-Corruption Forum aims to facilitate involvement of various stakeholders in monitoring UNCAC implementation and gather support from the public in preventing and eradicating corruption.

The forum was attended by various elements including ministries, government institutions, local governments, academics, research institutions, journalists and private companies.

Source: http://www.komisiinformasi.go.id