East Java KIP Drafts Guidelines for Information Services

12 January 2015

The East Java Information Commission (KIP) will draw up technical guidelines for information service standards in village level as an initial step to prevent financial misappropriation in village level, especially with the incoming village fund of Rp2 billion in 2015.

East Java KIP commissioner Mahbub Junaidi said the guidelines formulation is in its final phase and expected to finish in January or February.

“After that, we will work with the East Java Government to draft MoU,” said Mahbub on Monday (12/1/2015).

The guidelines will be disseminated to regencies, districts and villages and help village governments implement information transparency in the village fund.

KIP believes if villages are able to provide transparent information, financial misappropriation can be prevented.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, 40 percent of complaints filed to KIP were related to financial management and budget program of public bodies.

East Java Ombudsman assistant Achmad Khoirudin said people’s awareness to obtain information or report public bodies is relatively high.

“Most of the reports from the people were due to dissatisfaction with the information given by public bodies,” he said.

Source: Bisnis.com


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