HMI Sues 11 Government Agencies for Refusing Information

14 November 2013

Eleven agencies in the Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra) Province Government were tried by the Central information Commission (KIP) on Wednesday (13/11/2013) as they provided no response to requests for budget and working plan (RKA) and budget execution documents (DPA) from the Kendari branch of the Islamic Students Association (HMI).

“Almost all of them didn’t provide any answers which shows that public bodies don’t care about requests from the public. The requested information should also have been provided even without being requested,” saidd KIP commissioner Rumadi.

According to Rumadi, almost all of the public bodies violated Law No. 14/200 about public information openness as they seem to hide data that should’ve been for the public to know.

Before filing for information dispute to the Information Commission, HMI had submitted requests for several documents to the 11 agencies.

However, after passing the deadline to respond to information requests as regulated by Law No. 14/2008, the 11 agencies didn’t fulfill the requests.

The KIP then appointed commissioners Henny Widyaningsih, Evy Trisulo and Dyah Arini to conduct trial for the dispute.

Rumadi said if there was no problem in the investigation, commissioners could give the disputing parties a chance by conducting mediation. For mediation, the KIP has also prepared the mediators which are also the commisioners

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