Jakarta – The Central Information Commission (KIP) has ruled in favor of The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) in the information dispute with the State Secretariat which has been ordered to open the documents of Munir Said Thalid murder’s Fact-Finding Team (TPF).

The Judge Council, headed by Evy Trisulo, determined that the results of TPF’s investigation are for public. Below are the details of the judge’s consideration for the decision.

The State Secretariat (Setneg) is a public body that is protected by the constitution and funded by the state. According to Information Openness Law Article 7 Clause 2, public bodies must provide accurate public information and announce every new policy in writing to fulfill people’s rights to information.

“The council opines that the unavailability of TPF’s information doesn’t automatically annul the defendant’s obligation to provide accurate public information,” said Evy on Monday (10/10/2016).

Regarding the public information dispute, the council said the establishment of TPF is protected by the constitution, which is proven with the ratification of Presidential Decree No. 111/2004.

The Presidential Decree shows that the establishment of TPF is part of the president’s public policy which why the council concluded that there would be public loss if the investigation results were not published.

Setneg’s reason of not keeping the documents was rejected as a public body, Setneg must be open to the public.

Based on above considerations, the council decided that TPF documents on the murder of Munir must be announced to the public through media.

Source: Detik.com