3 December 2013

The General Elections Commission (KPU) is ready to assist 2014 elections participants in drafting reports for opening campaign fund account and bookkeeping of campaign fund expenditure. For that purpose, KPU has established help desk in every level from cities to provinces.

“Political parties that want to consult can come to local KPU office. The officers there will provide explanation about the system and mechanism for reporting campaign fund,” said KPU member Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah as reported by VIVAnews on Tuesday, 3 December 2013.

Ferry called for all KPU in provinces and cities to give excellent consultation services for political parties. All of the staff must be able to provide detailed explanations.

“Campaign fund reporting is one of the most important parts in campaign activities,” said Ferry. Political parties’ compliance to reporting campaign funds during campaign will increase public trust towards elections.

Transparent and accountable campaign fund management will also contribute to increasing voters’ participation. “The efforts to increase voters’ participation to 75 percent come from both elections organizers and political parties,” said Ferry.

He said campaign fund account must be separated from political party’s account so that it will be easier for political parties to manage their campaign funds. Political parties are also obligated to provide reports of spending and receipt of funds from all legislative candidates.

“Therefore, political parties must inform their legislative candidates at the beginning because one mistake from one legislative candidate will affect all campaign fund reporting system,” said Ferry.

Source: Viva