KPU Uploads 165 Million Voters to Voter List Information System

21 August 2013

The General Elections Commission (KPU) has uploaded 165 million names in the list of interim voters to the voter list information system.

“There are around 165 million or 88 percent names in the system. We plan to launch KPU’s official website this afternoon,” said KPU commissioner Ferry Kurnia.

The data is the result of correction from the previous data of 187 million voters that were recapitulated by KPU from all regions, except Papua. “Data from Papua is not yet complete,” he said.

Ferry predicted that there will still be changes in the data depending on verification by KPU officers.

The number of voters can increase if the number of 17-year-old voters are is higher, while the number of voters can decrease if there is double data or deceased voters are still registered.

“Therefore, we hope for public participation in improving our data,” said Ferry.


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