7 February 2014

The General Elections Commission (KPU) must issue a regulation about information openness to speed up the spread of information about elections as voters need it.

“Requesting information, starting from submission of request to public bodies to information dispute resolution in the Information Commission, can take around 161 days while time span of appealing for election dispute is only three days. There needs to be KPU regulation so that obtaining information does not exceed the time span of election dispute resolution,” said Paramadina Public Policy Institute (PPPI) director Abdul Rahman Ma’mun on Thursday (6/2).

Abdul Rahman went on to say Law No. 14/2008 about public information openness doesn’t particularly contain article about elections information.

“Elections organizers must discuss with the Information Commissions to discuss this matter,” said Abdur, adding that KPU must also be pro-active in spreading information in every elections process.

He praised Perludem’s API Pemilu program which aims to spread elections information to voters so that they can easily find information about elections, such as profiles of candidates, voting regions, etc.

API, which stands for Application Programing Interface, is a mobile app that is more than just a portal. With this format, API will provide freedom and ease for app developers to create social media or web-based app. It contains database of elections that people can access freely.

Source: merdeka.com