Kukar Regency the Least Transparent in East Kalimantan

3 October 2013

Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar) Regency is the least transparent region in providing information to the public, according to a survey by Pokja 30 and National Secretariat of Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA).

From 100 percent score, Kukar only scored four percent while Samarinda and the East Kalimantan Provincial Government scored 11 percent and 16 percent respectively. “All the documents we requested from Kukar, such as financial records, provincial budget and BPK audit report were not given. The survey was conducted in Kukar, Samarinda and the East Kalimantan Government,” said Burhan, researcher from Pokja 30.

According to Public Information Commission chairman Jaidun, in order to obtain information, the only legal standing required is national ID card.

“We also have a request from, but without it, we can already ask for information as long as we bring our ID card,” said Jaidun.


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