Tanjung Harap Village Triumphs over PTPN in Information Dispute

2 November 2013

The Central Information Commission (KIP) on Wednesday (30/10) ruled in favor of People’s Right to Education Advocacy Center (Sahdar) representing Tanjung Harap Village, Serdang Bedagai Regency, in information dispute with PTPN3 Kebun Sarang Ginting.

The KIP stated that PTPN3’s arguments for rejecting information request fro Tanjung Harap Village were unlawful.

“The requested information, which is copy of Kebun Sarang Ginting HGU Map, copy of Kebun Sarang Ginting and BPN Decree Dated 37.HGU BPN RI – 2009, copy of Measurement Certificate Dated 06-04-2009 No. 03/Serbajadi/2009, copy of PTPN3 Business License, copy of Kebun Sarang Ginting Amdal Document, copy of Work Contract between PTPN3 and replanting company and copy of CSR report 2010 and 2011 of Kebun Sarang Ginting, is all public information,” said KIP commissioner Yhannu Setiawan.

According to Law No. 14/2008 about Public Information Openness and Article 13 clause (1) letter g of Information Commission Regulation No. 1/2010 about Public Information Service Standard, every public body must provide public information that includes licenses issued by the government.

PTPN3, as a public body, must be compliant with the regulation.


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