4 December 2014

WONOSARI – Residents of Tegalrejo, Gari, Wonosari protested at Gari Village Hall on Monday (01/12/2014) as they were concerned with the village government’s policies that seem to exclude them. There were even local residents’ marriage that was handled directly by the village government without going through hamlet first.

“People demand transparency. There should be hamlet’s involvement if a couple wants to get married,” said Suparjo, a Tegalrejo resident.

The protesters demand that the village government be more transparent and orderly so that any programs or activities can create welfare for the people.

The protesters met with Wonosari District Head Iswandoyo and People’s Welfare Head Budi Antoro.

Iswandoyo asked the protesters to convey their aspirations in an orderly manner and that all problems should be solved without peacefully. (Ded/KRjogja.com)