26 November 2013

Dissemination of Public Information Openness Law (UU KIP) is several regions seems lavish and glamorous, but is the large spending of government’s budget for those activities accompanied with the implementation? Apparently not.

It was proved by Jingga Media Cirebon activist Ahmad Rovahan who used UU KIP to find migrant workers in Cirebon region.

During the initial process, the regional government turned out to be not prepared to implement public information openness. It can be seen the lack of website. Out of four regions (Cirebon, Indramayu, Kuningan and Majalengka), only two regions that already have a website. Disappointingly, some regions still use free websites or blogs for their official websites.

Moreover, the Cirebon Manpower and Transmigration Agency does not have Information and Documentation Management Official (PPID). Rovahan who had asked for information at the agency found that the employees there did not even know about PPID. The response towards requests for information is also unsatisfactory.

“Another challenge was when I asked for information from agencies in other regions, the address of the agency was not clear,” said Rovahan.