West Java KI: Budget Execution Document Is Public Information

3 September 2013

Many people are apparently still questioning whether budget execution document (DPA) is public information or not. This is also what is happening in West Java Province.

According to West Java Information Commission (KI) chairman Dan Satriana, DPA is public information that is open to everyone. The KI has also issued Circular Letter No. 1/20 that states DPA is public information.

“It is clear that DPA is not exempted information. West Java KI has made the same decision several times. This decision is also supported by the State Administrative Court and the Supreme Court,” said Dan.

According to Dan, the problem in West Java Government is that there is no list of categories of information as reference. Coordination between agencies in providing services must also be improved.

He said obstacles in providing services are caused by the system that is not yet adjusted to public information openness law and Information Commission Regulation.


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